Custer Rotary Club 

In the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota

Program Committees
July= , Monica McGowen, Jim Meyer 
August=  John Twiss, Patti Hauschildt 
September=  John Carson, Charley Najacht,     
October=  Kathy Scheibe, Rob McWhorter
November=  Kim Horkey,  Mark Naugle   
December= , Karen Kraus , Marguarite Cullum, Michelle Fischer 
January=  Dan Hutt,, Kevin Larson
February=  Joel Jackson Becky Hove, Dick Brown, Don Kraus    
March=  Roxanne Horkey,  Patrick Argabright 
April = Rex Jorgensen, Bonnie Ramer, 
May =  Mike Chase, Nathan Wiederholt,  Michelle Fischer   
June=   BJ Shipp , Curtis Tyler,  Verl Scheibe    
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Welcome to our Club!
Custer Rotary Club


We meet In Person
Mondays at 12:00 PM
Custer Senior Citizen's Center
538 Mt Rushmore Rd
Custer, SD 57730
United States of America
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Welcome to our Rotary Club! 

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Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to bring peace and stability to the world by providing water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, economic and community development, peace and conflict prevention/resolution. One of the major commitments is to eradicate polio from the face of the world. Our motto: Service Above Self.  

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New member Fred Hlava presented to the club his history, and a lot of his past experiences in his many different positions.  You have led an interesting life Fred!  Thanks for letting us get to know you better.  
President John Carson presented with President's Gavel for this past year as Custer Rotary President, presented by past President Marguerite Cullum.  Thanks John for a tough Covid year!  
Mark Papousek Development Officer for Monument Health Foundation, spoke about the Foundation's structure and various upcoming events we could participate in.
Brian Nelson receiving a $500 check for the Custer Scout Troop 25.  The Club got an update on what the Troop activities have been.  Also explained to those of us that have not been in the Scouts, some of the ways they achieve badges.  
Congratulations Fred HLava for being the newest Custer Rotary Member!!!!  4 Way Plaque presented by John Carson, Custer Rotary President.  
Don Barnett, Mayor of Rapid City 1971-1975, who wrote the book , "Thorns and Roses, Rapid City 1971-1975" presented his perspective on his time as mayor during the Rapid City Flood, and racial issues.  Most interesting and educational.  Thanks for the great job of leading a city to recovery during trying times!!!  
Joshua Rudnik, Ph.D. Direcror The Indian University of North America gave an interesting program on the educational work being done at Crazy Horse. 
Dr. Joshua Rudnik joined The Indian University of North America as a teaching assistant in summer 2015 and has served university students in a variety of roles, including instructor, Success Coach, residential advisor, and most recently as the Manager of Student Success. In his current capacity as Director of the university, he leads curriculum development by identifying innovated means to best serve Native American students, as well as teaches courses in English and American Indian Studies. 
The pictured is Mke Chase, winner of one of the wheelbarrows of wine!!  Mike kept some of the refreshments, then had the item auctioned off, as did Jen Randulavich, winner of the other wheelbarrow of wine!!!   Then the winner of the wagon of beer, Karen Kraus, wanted to keep the wagon, so she had all the beer auctioned off !!!!   
It was a successful evening, lots of good appetizers from Crazy Horse Laughing Water Restaurant, along with a of fun! 
Custer Rotary Club thanks all the participation by all the businesses that support Custer Rotary, and all those who came to the event to have fun!! 
 Thanks to all the Club members who helped to prepare, and assist, and contributed to a successful fund raiser.  
Phil Abernathy from Dakotah Bank gave the club an interesting update on the Economic Development of Custer.  One of the items on their list is to get more housing in the Custer area.  He explained that the Economic Development has a 5013c foundation that can be taken advantage of for assisting in projects that could be used to better the community.  
Thanks Phil for a great program.  
Assistant District Commander Lieutenant Angel Duran, from the SD Highway Patrol gave an interesting presentation to the club on what the Highway Patrol is doing in and around the Black Hills.  He gave us a background of himself, starting his life in Mexico, to being a Lieutenant State Trooper in the SD Highway Patrol, to all the training, and activities involved in their departments.   
Custer Rotary Club's newest members, Monica McGowan and Michelle Fischer were presented 4-Way Test plaques from President John Carson, welcome to Rotary International ladies!
Jim Meyer gave us a financial review/ history of our time.  Seems things are always going up and down.....or down and up, but always looking for the up! . 
He now has his own investment business called Freedom Hills through Raymond James. Congratulations on the new venture Jim!  
Rich Zacher presented an update on highway road projects using different materials. He also gave an update on the work being done on the Keystone Way Bridge.  

Custer Rotary Club President, John Carson welcomes newest club member, Micheal Fischer. Welcome Micheal, we are looking forward to getting to know you.  
We had a great program with updates from Kim and Marge in regards to what is happening at the Storehouse in Custer.  The number of meals, and working in assisting Feeding South Dakota has resulted in increased meals for those in need.  It was stressed that donations to the Storehouse that folks drop by that are basically junk, that people should think of if their mother in law has no need for it, that it should be discarded to waste, rather than dump it off at the Storehouse, where volunteers, then have to discard those items.  People are urged to use common sense, and don't bring junk in that can not be utilized.  
Marge commented on the increase of assistance they are providing at Buffalo Gap, which is dear to her heart, since that's where her mother's grandparents homesteaded many years ago.  Kim and Marge thanked all those volunteers that have assisted with the loading and unloading of food to the Storehouse, including those from Custer Rotary that have made a big difference.  Thanks Marge and Kim for what you do to make this a better community to live in. 
We welcomed Stacey, and Mark from Rushmore Rotary Club, representing the District Raffle Committee, and challenged the club to buy one more book to help with the Foundation through the District Raffle.   Stacey, (works for Hope Haven), also updated the club on what's going on in regards to plans for wheelchair distributions, and participation with Rotary Clubs, and what Clubs can do to assist Hope Haven in their mission to provide wheelchairs for those without mobility.  Also updated us on the working with Rotary to supply wheelchairs to the Rosebud Indian Reservation.  
Thanks Stacey and Mark,  
Past President of the Custer Rotary Club Mark Naugle receives a Paul Harris Fellowship, given in honor of his year as President of the club.  The Paul Harris Fellowship represents $1000 given to The Rotary Foundation. Congratulations Mark, and thanks for your year of service. 
District Governor Doug Lind presents this years banner and theme to Custer Rotary President John Carson.  DG Lind gave a presentation sharing this years goals.  Assistant Gov. Jean Kline was also present for our meeting. 
Past President Marguerite is being presented with the Past President Gavel Plaque and a Paul Harris Fellowship!  Thanks for doing a great job over a difficult and trying year!  
Custer Rotary member, Dick Brown gave an update on the new Bison Center that is being constructed in Custer State Park.  The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust had awarded a $4 million grant to construct the Bison Center. The SDPWF (a 501(c)(3) non profit, independent support organization for the SD Dept. of Game, Fish and Parks, is seeking $1 million in private and public donations for the total project budget of $5 million.   Dick had a number of diagrams of the Center that showed the internal workings of the Center. It's expected completion by end of May 2022.  
The Center will educate visitors through dynamic interpretive displays and tell the origin story of the park's bison, herd management and the annual Buffalo Roundup and auction.  
Cherri Hartman or Matt Tramp
Aug 15, 2022
Easter's Rising (Trafficking)
Aug 22, 2022
Senior Center update
Wanda Wheeler
Aug 29, 2022
Roy Roadifer
We Honor Past President Rotarian, Roy Roadifer, he passed away on 8 Dec, 2020. We remember Roy, as a loyal Rotarian, a knowledgeable geologist, always explaining things about the Black Hills, and a wonderful Humanitarian. He was a multiple Paul Harris Fellow. Roy had been an active member for over 26 years and had over 19 years of perfect attendance. He had served in Okinawa during WW2. 
To his wife Ramona, and family, our condolences. 
Jill Kettle
We Honor Past President Rotarian, Jill Kettle, who passed away unexpectedly on November 16th.  Jill's constant smile and can do attitude was always there as she got things done!  She was a hard working Rotarian that lead by example! Jill was an active member of Custer Rotary since 2014. Her leadership at the Custer Senior Center kept it vibrant, and alive. Jill was very active in several local service organizations.  She was always giving of herself to help others, a Paul Harris Fellow and True Rotarian. Our Sympathies to Ron and her family, and the dogs she loved.   
Sue Brown
We Honor Past Custer Rotarian Board member, Sue Brown. Sue passed away May 10th.  She will be remembered for her wonderful smile, and the many who were touched by her generosity, and kindness.  
She served on the Boards of many nonprofit organizations in the fields of education, housing, and women’s issues including the Sioux Falls Housing and Redevelopment Commission, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, YWCA, Habitat for Humanity, United Way and Volunteers of America.  She also served on the Boards of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Rotary.  She served two terms on the Sioux Falls School Board, worked as a financial services representative for her husband’s business and became President/CEO the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation in 1995.  She retired from that position in 2006.  Both the School Board and Community Foundation were works that matched Sue’s passions, and she considered these opportunities two of the turning points in her life.
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